Devoted to the health of our lakes through conservation & education.

– Litchfield / Monmouth, Maine –

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Our 5 beautiful lakes are located in Litchfield and Monmouth, Maine. They are named Buker Pond, Jimmy Pond, Little Purgatory Pond, Sand Pond and Woodbury Pond.

The Tacoma Lakes Association is dedicated to the education of lakes’ users and the environmental protection of our lakes. We believe that education is the key to ensuring that future generations have the same priviledge we do to enjoy the special beauty of the Tacoma Lakes. The Association is actively involved helping to protect our lakes. Particularly important is protecting our lakes from invasive plants, exotic fish and “slow the flow” nutrient reduction. The Association also assists the dam keeper, who maintains our water levels. The Association is a not for profit lake association. We depend upon volunteers for all our activities.

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